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Professional breeder, whole seller and exporter of dragon fish, the Asian Arowana

For some particular buyers, we will show pictures of arowana fish at the harvest stage. The buyers will see the methods used to ensure the guaranteed quality of the purchased arowana.


As for wholesalers/buyers and exporters from other countries, we will definitely offer competitive range of price for our high quality arowanas. We have done extensive market research and can assure you of our commitment and stringent export quality control.


We  have vast experience in making delivery to any destination particularly China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Canada, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, The Philippine and more. Arowana exports are available to all markets / countries that have signed the obligatory CITES agreement on the endangered Asian Arowana.

Farm Facilities

We are proud that Malaysia has the best arowana in the world. To uphold the status of being the finest, we are here to preserve its beautiful species through maintaining top notch breeding meth- ods and carefully planned reproduction including keeping track of Arowana developments through individually planted microchips.

Our farm aims to produce high quality and champion breed of arowana for hobbies and breeders around the world. As our commitment to produce the best arowanas in the market, we have exclu- sive farm for each of our arowana fish type.


Purchase Methods

Malaysian Arowana

Online Purchase Interested buyers may request quotations of the wanted Arowana via email (

To confirm purchase, kindly proceed with emailing us the Purchase Order (PO) for official reservation.


We will promptly advice on the next course of actions including Invoices, payment details and delivery methods.  

Cash on Carry All buyers are welcome to visit our farm to have a closer look at the Arowanas.

Our operating hours starts from 9:30 AM until 5:30 PM (Malaysia Time), Monday to Friday.


Please view our full address and location map at the ‘Contact Us’ tab above. Buyers may purchase on site.   Direct Contact We can be contacted via phone during operating hours for purchasing orders and assistance. Please click the ‘Contact Us’ tab for more details. Documents can be faxed to buyers.   Exports International buyers will need to issue a Purchase Order (PO) including these details; Buyers’ full company name, company address, contact numbers, Destination Airport and date of shipment (5 days in advance).  We will arrange the flight space reservation via cargo agent and the required Certificate Of Origin and Certificate Of Health from Department of Fisheries of Malaysia. After receiving our Proforma Invoice, the buyer will need to make payment via methods as advised by our representative. We will later provide the Packing List, Airway Bill, Certificate of Origin, and Certificate of Health for the withdrawal of shipment.

Kerian Arowana Aquaculture is a professional breeder, whole seller and exporter of dragon fish, the Asian Arowana (Scleropages Formasus).


Our company was established in 2010 and we specialize in Malaysian Golden Blue Base (F2/F3 – wild breed), Blue Base Golden Cross Back, Super Red Arowana, 24K Golden Base Cross Back, High Back and Super High Back, Green Arowana and Banjar Red. With our own 35 breeding ponds at Bukit Merah, Perak, Malaysia, we ensure constancy in production of high quality arowana at reasonable price in order to fulfil our valuable customers’ satisfactions.


Apart of having modern farm facilities and large holding facilities, we have a special laboratory for quality control, quarantine and supervision of the stability of the new-born arowana larvae. This is to ensure their growth is according to a specifically planned schedule that is closely monitored. Our arowana laboratory is able to provide a good quarantine system and quality products for export.

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